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Dr. James Healy

Dr. Healy has been the director of the Center for Family Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois since 1989. He has spoken on marriage in over 85 dioceses across the country and beyond. His marriage preparation and enrichment materials, most notably his CD, When the Cake is Gone: How to Be Married and Stay Engaged, and his Living Together and Christian Commitment materials, have been used in every diocese in the United States. Dr. Healy has contributed chapters to a number of books, and has written for such magazines as Family Perspectives, Catholic World, Liguorian, Marriage, and Deacon Digest. Dr. Healy was the founding president of Illinois Catholic Family Ministries, and has served as an adviser to the National Council of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Marriage and the Family. He was honored with the 2000 Family Ministry Award by the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers. He and his wife Madonna have four children.

Materials by Dr. James Healy

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